A new Era

by admin on December 31, 2012

A new Era

Happy New Year is indeed the perfect phrase to be heard as we are entering a new era just a couple of days after the marking of the end of the Mayan Calendar. Many stories were evoqued, some believed the end of days, others even thought of Alien invasion. For thousands of years Mankind has tried to predict some catastrophe of some sort when all we really have to do is Enjoy Life. 

Perhaps we don’t realize how fortunate we are, we have been living in a perfect world with abundance all around us and some people are still wondering how to get this abundance in their lives. Well you just have to welcome it, let it enter in your life, open your door to possibilities of You receiving it. We often complain about our situation without taking time to see how good we have it, I think we should take time to count our blessings everyday and wish for our neighbour the best he can get and be happy about that.

The grass is always greener in our neighbour’s backyard

And that’s the problem here, instead of looking at our possesions and be grateful we peek at someone else’s and envy what they’ve got not knowing that this person might be doing the same with someone else and so on, and the funny thing is that this might be going around to comeback at you. Let me share an exemple: I wish I could have a big BBQ grill like John. John wish he could have a big truck like Robert. Robert wish he could have Alan’s Job. Alan wish he could look as good as Jimmy. Jimmy wish he could have a BBQ like me.

WE have it All so give it All

We do and we should start being thankful for it now and be happy for other’s possesions, that only mean that there is abundance for everyone and it’s not about to stop so if you want more give more and you’ll receive more. There’s enough for everyone and I truly believe we have entered an Era of Abundance, everyday there is more opportunities for anyone open to it so it’s up to you to go outhere and find yours instead of concentrating on your neighbor’s assets because chances are you probably have much more then him but your just to busy not being grateful about it.

2013 is the beginning of a new era, this is our chance for a change, so let’s make it worthwhile

Be bless and create a prosperous day

Pierre Perpall Jr


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