The perfect home business

by admin on July 25, 2012


What is the perfect home business? To my eyes it’s the raising of a child.      Pierre Perpall Jr.


I remember my Grand mother sewing pants and dresses for a quarter back in 1980, her friend at the end of the street was making a whooping $200 a week doing that , you gotta admit that it was a good salary for such a low paid by the items if you can call it like that,,,,well let us make that count. A quater a job means you have to sew 80 items, now you divise that by 5 days a week and you got 16 items, each items takes about 30 minutes to be fix so that’s 2 an hour.It’s a perfect 8 hour shift, 40 hours a week for $200 dollars. Well my grand mother raised me with less,I can only try to imagine how she felt when I wanted a pair of new shoes or the new album of Michael (Buy me this,buy me that ,go to the movies)So thoughtless of me when I come to think of it. I guess the meaning of getting rich from home didn’t really exist back then, i mean who would of thought that one day over a million people under 40 would make more than the average 9 to 5 worker sitting in front of a computer or just by inviting their friends for coffee and some opprtunity presentation.

So what is the perfect home-based business? The one that’s going to set us free, the one that will pay for our son’s expensive Hockey equipement, our daughter’s new car, our Beamer, the big house and the cottage for the weekends,the tree to four holiday trips a year? What is the business that’s going to bring us Financial Freedom?             IT’S THE BUSINESS OF SELF BRANDING!

Brand yourself first

No matter what you want to do from home, who you are or better yet who you project in front of your Network defines your sales funnel. You see it all start with a problem fixer, no diffrent than my grand mother. People are seeking to make extra money and you provide that solution so it is just normal that you are going to promote yourself first.


You Are the perfect home business

People join people, if you understand that you will explode your business it’s as simple as that. Learn to give value and always be ready to help, be positive and write a blog everyday and post it on facebook and other social media, go into forum and seek those looking for answers and solve their problems and it won’t be long that you’ll start building followers ready to listen to your advice like Oprah. Become the leader that they need, don’t ask questions, solve problems.

If your starting in this business you might want to invest in a couple of books and a course online and find yourself a leader, someone that is where you want to be,ask them questions and find out how they got where they are. This is a social business and you want to be the center of attraction, the party organiser.


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