Why consider Network Marketing?

by admin on September 13, 2012

Why should you consider network Marketing?


Most of my friends if not all, really wonders why I went from DJ to Network Marketing. It’s easy, I did not want to go for a day job after 25 years of being my own boss for one, and secondly I know that the average MLM business can bring you a sustainable income after 3 years of perseverance and faith. Yes I did say faith because without it, mind as well go for the day job.

Now let me explain something to you.

It is very unfortunate that 85 % of people think that the network marketing industry is a pyramid and an illegal one on top of it, the most popular comment has been “only the people at the top are making money”,,,,of course they started before you did, but what you don’t understand is that when you signup to start your business, you will be presently surprised to see that no one makes money if you don’t make money. Let me explain ,,,again

  • I sign you up
  • I show you how to make money
  • You make money
  • I make a commission
  • You signup someone
  • You show him how to make money
  • He makes money
  • You make a commission
  • I make a commission
  • He singup someone
  • He shows her how to make money
  • She makes money
  • He makes a commission
  • You make a commission
  • I make a commission

And this can go on for multiple levels down.

Now you tell me,,,When was the last time you’ve made a commission on someone else’s pay?

Is it possible to not make money at all? 

Of course it is and I can explain why; Most of people getting started in network marketing are not professionals in this field so without proper training or duplication process and coaching you can end up loosing money,that’s why it’s important to know these 3 important thing before joinning any MLM.

  1. Find yourself a leader: Talk and ask questions to the person who wants you to join their organisation and listen colsely to their answers,if they tell you don’t worrie it’s easy and you’ll be rich fast,,,RUN AWAY, it’s not easy and you don’t make money fast ,it’s about patience and perseverance.
  2. Are you afraid of people? Are you willing to call all your friends, family, acquaintance? Can you talk to strangers? It’s important to understand that it’s a people’s business and if you turn into a secret agent you will waist not only your time but everybody else’s.
  3. Don’t quit your day job! It takes time to build a team before getting residual income, this is not a lottery ticket, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a build for the fututre business, as long as your willing to give at least 20 hours a week and be perseverant. Only then you will see freedom knocking at your door.

Network Marketing

A great model to become financially independant.network marketing


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