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by admin on February 16, 2013

Most people who seek success in their life are looking for a formula to help them reach their goals, but everyone without exception, holds the key to every situation and contain within themselves the secret ways to success.

Successful people will say almost everytime they are being asked, that they visualized themselves already where they are today and that they had a strong beliefs in their vision as they had a desire for succeding in their own affaires. Not everyone was born with the golden spoon and most successful people came from poverty and broken homes, so what is it that pushed them to become multi-millionaires, and what is it they did to get there.

Success starts with failure

Do you remember the first time you tried to ride a bicycle? I’m 100% sure you didn’t make it the first time, nor the second or the third, but because your desire to ride with your friends you tried over and over again, you were completely blind to failure, in fact you didn’t see it that way because you knew inside that you were going to ride that bike no matter what. As we grow up we become aware of failure and for some unknown reason our mind plays tricks on us and we let the fear of failure come in our thoughts and that is what’s stoping us from attainning our goals. You need to understand that everytime you fail you are getting closer to success, it’s the same with rejection, nobody likes to be rejected and that is why many will fail to make it just because they can’t deal with rejection. If Thomas Edison would have quit after 200 attempts to invent electricity, you would still use candles, and this blog would be sent to you by a pigeon!

Persistence: The no 1 factor of success

Never quit, keep going, try again. When these words become a habit of yours, you are surely on your way for great things. Persistence is from far the one character trait that I think is a “must have” in order to be successful in any endeavor. It seems to be the most dominant trait in every single super succesful individual i read about. Napoleon Hill devoted a whole chapter on persistence in his world aclaim “Think and Grow Rich” . We hear stories of people who worked on some project for over 20 years before they became successful, and the truth is, yes it might take some time to reach a certain goal of yours but the truth of the matter is, if you keep going at it, you will eventually get there, there’s no dogging that. If you take the habit of quitting everytime you encounter defeat you will always find your self starting something new over and over again and you will surely never succeed in nothing. Start now or should I say, continue what you have started whithout looking back, one step at a time, when you fail, wash & rince and do it all over again. You might have to work on your approach, modifying your plan along the way but just keep at it, there’s nothing wrong with pushing forward and the gain will be bliss.


See yourself succeed

The power of visualization enables you to create your own reality and by doing so you condition your sub-conscious to believe what you are projecting. Professional people in sports have used visualization for many years, a skier will see himself doing his run exactly how it should be done, it’s the same with any other sports and it can be applied to absolutely anything that requires time and focus. To be able to sitdown and relax to see or visualize a project, gives us more depht on the task at hand. All ideas come from the mind and our imagination is the workshop wherein are fashion all plans created by man. Ideas are a product of the imagination, and before the car was invented, it was imagined, therefore it existed in someones mind, therefore thoughts becomes things. The power of our thoughts is limitless but we really need to be able to focus on what we want and how we are going to get it, form a plan and take action.

Faith: The lethal weapon

Ghandi brought a nation to its knees. Nelson Mandela became President of the country that sent him to prison for 25 years. Jesus changed the life of millions.

Yes faith can move mountains, it’s the an antidote for fear and failure, it cannot be analized by science. Whithout faith we are powerless, it’s the weapon of our heart and soul. When you really have a desire for success, you take action upon it and faith is what gives you that special drive, that fuel you need to overcome obstacles and keep going, a strong belief that nothing can stop you no matter what, its power is stronger than anything you will ever encounter. When you have faith, you are blind to negative surrounding, you are deaf to voices of quitters and loosers, you can only hear and see what your heart beats for, absolutely nothing can change your mind while your on the road to success if you believe you are. 


Pierre Perpall Jr



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