The golden road

by admin on May 21, 2013

The golden road

If you’re walking on a path full of obstacles and going through hell to reach your goals… keep going; You are on the golden road

The golden road

You have chosen a path to walk on and wondering if you took the right decision, looking back thinking that maybe you could have done something different. The magical answer to that is no!  You will never choose a different road or do something other than you did, because…  You did.

Quantum physic teaches us the law of probabilities and I am not going to dive into this because it is way out of my league, but I did studied it enough to know or not to know that any action taken has only one reaction possible unless you can comeback in time and do it differently and that is something still out of our reach. So your options here are very simple, accept what is, embrace your decisions and take responsibility.

Cause and Effect

If you look back at your life and examine your actions you will understand where you are now, the only way you end up where you are is because of your own will, although you might not like the life you lead or the place you live, you are the only one responsible of what you own physically, mentally and spiritually. You are not part of some scheme plan from a higher being nor pre-conceived for a certain life before you were born. Some people were born extremely poor and became richer than the ones born from rich people, others came to this life with no arms and became great painters. How many times have you heard a story of rags to riches, these stories are meant for whom it may concern, and if it concerns you, create your own story,  it’s your birthright. Do not complain of the past for it is gone, it does not exist anymore, only your memory of it. You have the chance to create a better tomorow everyday and a simple action could be the cause for a new beginning.

One step at a time

A journey starts with one step and you are no different from anyone in this universe, if you don’t start walking the path now, you will stay where you are, there’s no dogging that conclusion. “First thing first” is not an overated statement, and the idea behind it is to literally take a step towards a goal and that should be a daily goal to make it easier to accomplish. many of us are stuck behind a pile of to do list and it can be overwheilming 

The road

Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? Do you believe you can? 

Everyday we wake up with a new path before us, for some there is stability and habits, and it can be very challenging to walk out of the so called comfort zone. But is it really a comfort zone if you are not completely satisfied with your life? Is stability a word that can be used if you have been living paycheck to paycheck for the past 10-15 years? The average Joe will keep his job because he feels secure receiving a pay every week, and cannot afford to take a year off to explore other options. Isn’t that sad? Why keeping up with this? 

A new dawn a new life

 As much as we would like to make that change, the unknown is probably the most action stopper we will ever encounter. There is a solution and it comes in three parts: Desire, Action and Faith. These 3 components can literally change your life if You want. Follow your gut, listen to that little voice inside for it is never evil, “bien au contraire”, it is the voice of the heart and soul trying to liberate you from the prison of your mind, it is your true contact with the higher self, it is your Angel, your God, the answer to your questions, it’s trying to reach you and you have to pay attention. Only you know what it is you want out of life and only you can walk the path of the golden road.



Life belongs to us and we should have gratitude everyday for the power we hold.

Pierre perpall Jr


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