Why should you meditate

by admin on October 24, 2012

Why should you meditate

The reason why you should meditate at least 4 times a week is that it enables you to take better decisions in all areas of your life, fights depression and helps you focus on the task at hand.

                                                                              The Lotus

Meditation is the reunion of the body with the spiritual self or what we call the Ego.

We live in a fast paced society where personal gratification is the no1 disease, we are constantly seeking to be rewarded for some accomplishment that is purely on a lower level. Our animalistic instinct is persued constantly by the media to keep us from thinking freely and peacefully. Meditation is not an intellectual activity but more likely an attempt to expand our consciousness to be aware of real sense of being.We need to meditate

This is not a course but instead a very small introduction to help you relax in this wonderful crazy world.

There is a couple of important steps that needs to be accomplish before obtaining the result needed of course, just like anything “practice makes perfect” but you do have to start somewhere, so why not start at the beginning.


Still not stillmeditate


Step 1-You don’t have to take the Lotus position, just find a comfortable chair and a time where you’re alone without any distractions and just –>sit and relax for 15 min.  (for at least a week to gain control of your body) 

If you’re a beginner i suggest to let your thoughts roam without giving them power, just watch what is happening inside your head and you will notice that it’s extremely busy in there and our main goal is to silence our thoughts, but obviously if you are not experience you will need to take baby steps in order to grow. If you can do this at least 4 times a week for a month you will notice a slight change and this is because by taking a habit of being the watcher of your thoughts instead of the actor you will find a sense of control and then you can go to…

Step 2- Breathing is probably more important then meditation itself and let me explain why. If we would breathe properly on a daily basis we would never be sick and we could live over a hundred years and this my friends is a proven science. You sit and you breathe slowly and concentrate on that breathing, it will keep your mind off unwanted thoughts, notice the temperature of the room, feel your muscle relax, your shoulders will start loosing up, just keep on breathing  slowly and keep watching your thoughts from afar, do not participate in the movies of your mind and by doing this your thoughts will start to fade away as you are not giving them power anymore.

Step 3- Start focusing on one thought—pick up your favorite pass-time and concentrate on it, see your self doing what you like best. The goal of this exercise is to get your attention the task at hand.

Let Go of all

Step 4- Once you know how to focus your thoughts, i want you to empty your mind (this may sound contradictory) the problem is that most people are always thinking, so by practicing to focus on one thought it will be easier to let go of that one thought than all the traffic thoughts we might have once we close our eyes. EX: I like to concentrate on swimming , I close my eyes and I concentrate on some nice clear water, I dive in and I swim and i feel the fresh water and it feels good, after a while i start seeing my self swimming instead of being the swimmer and i’m slowly getting farther from my self as if i’m going up in the clouds t’ill I see a small dot and then i go even higher as to see the earth just as if I was a spirit going higher and higher,,,by the time im in space far away from planet earth i forgot about any thoughts and I am free ,,,so free.)


Accept what is

Life is a miracle created by us, it is very important to understand that. We are the creators of this wonderful Universe. We are part of a whole, a Universal mind. To be happy with our surrounding we first need to be happy with ourselves and in order to find inner happiness we have to accept what we are.

                                                Let the music help you


If I may suggest; Music is the no1 relaxing tool, we listen to music and remember good times, it makes us feel good in general, if you cannot meditate at the beginning get soft music or ambiance music like the sound of beaches with birds,hypnotic sounds and stuff. It will make your body and mind free of stress and of everyday problems.


Pierre Perpall Jr


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